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luxury barista experience

Our name comes from the nomenclature code for the Gesha coffee plant: T2722. In a nutshell, we offer a personalized experience that is made possible thanks to the best farmers, best roasters, and best barista techniques.

We have the reputation of working with the finest, highest-graded, and competition level coffee beans and teas.


On the coffee side: we only work with Master Roasters who focus on small batches with 2 goals: perfection and consistency. We carry about 20 different origins and roasts, and we can select the beans for proper food pairing experiences or just based on our guests’ preferred notes and tastes for more personalized enjoyment!

With us, the coffees are properly calibrated (multiple times a day) by our Chef Barista (SCA trained), so you will have no bitterness nor acidity – just a perfectly extracted, super smooth coffee!


On the tea side: Same idea – we love finding and offering some of the rarest and finest teas! From precious Japanese teas to limited harvests coming from China and rare millesimes from India. For us, it is all about curating the best of the best!


On the Team side: Elle, the Chef Barista and coffee specialist with over a decade of wowing our guests with competition level barista skills, is always up to date with new techniques and research.

Julien, with over a decade of service in 5 star hotels and 3 Michelin star Restaurants, is a real tea-maniac who will make sure to WOW you with properly infused extra-ordinary teas!

We are the co-founders and can be reached through email, phone, or Instagram for any Luxury Barista Experience – from tea tasting to espresso bar.

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T2722 Luxury Barista Experience

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T2722 Luxury Barista Experience
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